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Why Support Knowledge for LIFE (Know4LIFE)

Knowledge for LIFE is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to bringing news and information to the the Black community in America.  We are funded through donations by individuals who recognize the need for independant Black media and foundation grants.


Your support of Know4LIFE is vital in perpetuating positive images and propagating information that will inform, uplift and enlighten.  Your donation will help to maintain and increase Know4LIFE's ability to reach and influence positive change in the Black community.


Knowledge for LIFE is on a fund-raising campaign to raise $15,000.00 for our program: Knowledge Cypher Conf. Series


Your donation will help Know4LIFE: Purchase Equipment, transportation, and gather research materials.  Here is a link to the sponsorship packages and what you will receive for your donation: Sponsorship Package PDF

Donate at Wright Patt Credit Union: "Knowledge for LIFE" account



Cash App. $Know4life


Make Money Order out to: Knowledge for LIFE

Call us and we will come pick it up Tel:  937-985-0779


Make a one time donation



Make a one-time donation to Knowledge for LIFE (Know4LIFE) and support an independent Black media organization. 


Your donation will help Know4LIFE bring news and information that is either not found or under reported by the mainstream media as it relates to the health and well-being to the Black community.


Your donation will help Know4LIFE produce dynamic, interactive, informative, and educational Conferences.


Your donation will help maintain and grow Knowledge for LIFE.

Donate today, $5, $25, $50, or more.  If you own a business and would like to become a underwriter, see the information below or call: 937-985-0779.



The monthly giving program benefits both the children we serve and our supporters. 


Monthly gifts provide Know4LIFE:

  • A steady and predictable source of income

  • Income acquired at substantially lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods

  • Income that will provide weeks, months and years of producing informative conferences and life changing programs.


Benefits of monthly giving to our supporters:

  • Monthly gifts go further to help promote positive images for Black youth

  • The ability to increase, decrease or cancel your pledge whenever you wish

  • Limited mailings

  • Newsletter inform supporters of our activates

Business Sponsorship/Underwriter

Underwriting Knowledge Cypher / Youth Expo Show /  Raw Info. Conference Series help Know4LIFE produce quality programs.


Underwriting, one or all three of Know4LIFE's program exposes your businesses charity, compassion, and desire to see a strong, vibrate and healthy community. 


Unlike most forms of advertising, that seeks only to make money for the business, but puts nothing back into the community, your sponsorship demonstrates to the community that you place value and energy into seeing the community prosper.


Because your business supports Know4LIFE with underwriting, our loyal viewers/listeners will support you in return. Our viewers/listeners are conscious keeping their dollars with businesses that support indepedant Black media. In many cases clients and listeners will personally thank you for your support of Know4LIFE.


Who follows Know4LIFE?

  • Followers are age 16-80

  • Who are active in the community and who desire positive change

  • 90% have Internet access

Click this PDF link to learn more about business sponsorship levels

Click one image to send email with your name and contact information and we will get back to you asap!



Knowledge for LIFE is always looking to for equipment to produce quality programing.  Click HERE to see our wish list.




Donate by visiting our gift store.  We have informative lectures on DVD and CD (and soon MP3 download).


We have promotional items that will allow you to look good and promote Know4LIFE at the sametime, in essence, feeding two birds with one stone.


Click HERE to visit our gift store.

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